Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shift Recycling Diverting E-Waste for Several Hospitals Across Ontario

Over the last year Shift Recycling has been working with several hospitals throughout Toronto and the rest of Ontario to help divert their e-waste from landfill. Hospitals produce a large amount of e-waste annually and require an efficient and bespoke solution for handling these materials. 

Of tantamount importance to the proper diversion of electronic waste generated by hospitals is the proper handling of the sensitive data that could be contained therein on hard drives and other backup devices. It is crucial that an electronics recycler has the ability to destroy the data devices in line with the standards set out by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Shift Recycling is one of the few e-waste recyclers that is able to handle the capacity of e-waste generated by hospitals, provide tracking of e-waste, a certificate of recycling and a certificate of data destruction.  

Should you wish to arrange a free appointment to discuss a customized, e-waste recycling solution for your hospital or medical facility please call Shift Recycling at 416.995.4202 ext. 227 or email

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